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Echos of History: Disturbing Parallels to the Third Reich

For those of you in the 80% majority who want to invade Afghanistan in pursuit of “terrorists,” there are a few things you may want to consider.

Google search terms “World Trade Center” and “Pearl Harbor”: approximately 1440 links (as of 9-22-01).

Yet a far more ominous and congruent historical comparison has slipped beneath the radar of conventional media memepool:

Google search terms “World Trade Center” and “Reichstag”: approximately 200 links (as of 9-22-01).

Aside from being explosively mediagenic incidents, Pearl Harbor and the attacks on September 11th are less alike than most people think. The former was a strategic attack on a military target done by an obvious enemy with the intention to cripple/destroy American sea power in the Pacific Theater as part of a larger campaign in East Asia. The other was a symbolic assault on civilian targets done by an unknown enemy with unclear intentions.
Consider: While the hijackers were clearly willing to die in pursuit of their mission, Bin Laden, from all accounts, appears to be very motivated in staying alive. Why would a man interested in survival issue an order that would inevitably bring the coordinated wrath of the Western world on his head?

I consider the day I was naturalized as a U.S. Citizen one of the greatest days of my life, but I will be damned if I let others manipulate my patriotism to serve their nefarious ambitions. Fair warning: the following essay may disturb you. The following essay may anger you. My intention is to lay bare things ignored by conventional press so readers can judge for themselves the scope of the war we are about to wage - and if I can provoke enough curiosity to send some of you to a library and read up on the hidden history of the Second World War, I would consider my efforts a success.

The following is an excerpt of Berlin's 1933 Reichstag incident, taken from from World at War: The Reichstag Fire:

… the Reichstag, seat of parliamentary government in Germany had been in recess since December of the preceding year. New elections were scheduled for March 5th. The great building was quiet and except for a watchman, empty. At 9:05 that evening, a student passing by saw a man carrying a burning torch through the windows of the first floor but did not report it. Ten minutes later smoke was observed coming from the building and the first fire alarm was received by the Berlin Fire station. In less than ten minutes the firemen were on the scene but already flames were breaking out all over the building. At 9:30 there was a tremendous explosion and the great central chamber was totally enveloped in flames. The fire quickly raced out of control despite the efforts of the fire fighters and soon only the walls of the gutted building were still standing. Within minutes police arrested a half naked and seemingly dazed Dutchman, Marinus van der Lubbe, who was discovered at the scene.

It wasn't long before Chancellor Hitler and Prussian Minister Göring arrived amid a flurry of reporters and photographers. Although he had just stepped out of his car, Göring at once accused the communists of setting the fire. The debate over who set the fire continues and may never be solved to everyone's satisfaction. Despite attempts to support the case against van der Lubbe, who was tried and executed for the crime, a great deal of evidence collected and analyzed by Walther Hofer of Bern points in the direction of a SA/SS Sondergruppe headed by Reinhard Heydrich and an official of the Prussian Ministry of the Interior, Kurt Dalüge. Less important than the cause of the fire however was the result. Before the sun rose on the morning of the 28th, over 4,000 communists and a miscellany of intellectuals and professional men who had incurred the wrath of the Nazi Party were arrested. (emphasis mine)

Now contrast the previous clip with the following excerpt from Wired News: Anti-Attack Feds Push Carnivore

Just hours after three airplanes smashed into the buildings in what some U.S. legislators have dubbed a second Pearl Harbor, FBI agents began to visit Web-based, e-mail firms and network providers, according to engineers at those companies who spoke on condition of anonymity.

An administrator at one major network service provider said that FBI agents showed up at his workplace on Tuesday “with a couple of Carnivores, requesting permission to place them in our core, along with offers to actually pay for circuits and costs.”

Hours? It takes months to authorize and coordinate deployment of the kind of specialized resources described. The chilling question is: how did they get everything prepped and ready to install within (supposedly) hours of the terrorist incident? Not a government agency in the world has that kind of organizational agility needed to “react” that quickly - which leaves us with a truely disturbing possibility. Did somebody in the U.S. know ahead of time the timetable of the attack - but let it happen anyway to advance his own agenda? Are we prepared for the possibility that an American might be the mastermind behind this incident?

(continued from main journal)

Questions, questions and more questions.

Suspiciously Convenient Discovery of “Evidence”

Considering the magnitude of this operation, we know this terrorist cell was disciplined, coordinated, stealthy and thorough. Yet somehow, we are supposed to believe they were so sloppy in the final hours of their preparation that investigators were able to “discover,” within 24 hours, blatantly obvious evidence (Terrorism handbook, aircraft schematics and a copy of the Koran in a rental car, etc.) that gave away significant pieces of the terrorists’ plans. Doesn’t this kind of absent-minded behavior at the final moment of such a carefully planned operation seem inconsistent?

Instant Bogeyman - Just Add CNN

The name on everybody’s lips soon after the towers began burning was Osama Bin Laden. Americans, a good majority who have never even heard his name until Tuesday morning, are suddenly chanting for his head, screaming for his blood and talking about waging a full-scale war in the name of vengeance – all based (at that time) on a few images from the television screen. Mob psychology at its finest: pure adrenaline and raw emotion. Even after two weeks of news coverage – what do you know about him? Can you, right now, explain why you are confident of Bin Laden’s culpability? Can most Americans calling for war even point to Afghanistan on an unmarked globe? Do you get the suspicion that your patriotism is being manipulated?

Pick a Card ... Any Card ...

The more I examine news feeds, interviews and intelligence reports, the more skeptical I am of Bin Laden’s guilt in relation this particular incident. As a known terrorist credited with some sizable offensive operations against the United States, who would be a more convenient fall guy to take the international heat and attention while the real culprit slips away? In sleight-of-hand stage magic, it’s called misdirection, and the real perpetrators may just have pulled off the biggest disappearing act in the history of magic.

Cui bono? (Who benefits?)

Cui bono is the fundamental question of Realpolitik. Everything is done for a reason, and thinking carefully about that question, free from a vengeance-clouded perception, leads us to some highly disturbing answers. Consider: While the hijackers were clearly willing to die in pursuit of their mission, Bin Laden, from all accounts, appears to be very motivated in staying alive. Why would a man interested in survival issue an order that would inevitably bring the coordinated wrath of the Western world on his head? Cui bono? Not Bin Laden, by a stretch of the imagination.

So who is to blame?

Known Facts

Known facts: We’ve handed over a blank check to the Executive Branch to “wage war” against an enemy that doesn’t even have a physical location. In the process, we’ve already expanded, in alarming ways, the latitude of Federal agencies and there is every indication that continued incursions against the civil liberties of American citizens will accelerate in the months ahead.

Known facts: the terrorists are deep-cover agents trained separately and rarely see more than one or two other operatives. We also know that they handle communications with their superiors (presumably overseas) by electronic mail. The details of intercepting, hacking and forging electronic messages is common knowledge in the information security industry.

Known facts: there has been deliberate misrepresentation by mainstream media (or at least, complicit disinformation from high-level official government reports) on significant parts of this investigation: The suspiciously quick discovery of evidence, the mass “detainments” of supposed “key witnesses.” Inflammatory images released almost immediately that were calculated to stir up American anger against the Arabic world - and subsequently never aired again.

Known facts: though there were accounts of passengers who have used their mobile phones to call 911 Emergency (which records all inbound calls) - we have yet to hear a single rebroadcast of any of these conversations. Panicked 911 calls are highly mediagenic (remember how quickly the media found five-year-old tapes of 911 calls by Nicole Brown Simpson to the LAPD when Simpson fled the court back in 1993?). What was being recorded, and why is the media so complicitly silent in asking about a playback of these recordings?

Pure Speculation

I have a theory, but a theory is all it is.

Imagine a rogue senior-level CIA employee who quietly collected data over the years on the identities and activation/command code-phrases for foreign-trained sleeper agents with the requisite fanatacism to be willing to die to serve an operation within the U.S. From there, he intercepted and ultimately forged electronic communiques, which seem to originate from the sleepers’ “commanding officers” that activates them. Unbeknownst to the sleeper, he is now taking orders from a middle-aged white man tapping away at a keyboard in Langley, VA.

It’s not inconceivable as it first sounds. We have on record extremely high-level defectors and traitors in sensitive posts (Aldrich Ames, et al) that have been tried and convicted for performing espionage on behalf of foreign powers.

My guess is, Bin Laden will be hunted down and killed in an appropriately spectacular strike within a few months. Rah, team, rah. Highly mediagenic hits of “strategic” targets in Afghanistan will play ad nauseum on the evening news (remember those clips from the cameras of “smart bombs” during Desert Storm?).

As the deadly chain of world events cascade before the public’s eyes, high-ranking staff members of the CIA and NSA are given greatly expanded authority and roles to “continue the war on terrorism” and “ensure this tragedy will never happen again.”

My guess is, we will never know the truth. People persistently fail to mention that FDR's “Day of Infamy” speech far in advance of the Japanese attack, or the fact that all of America’s state-of-the-art warships, including its two carriers, were conveniently out to sea. History is kind to conspirators when they succeed – it is only in defeat that they are vilified.

And what of the killer cunning enough to author the lethal pyramid of death and destruction that claimed the lives of American civilians and get away with it? My guess is, he’ll be sworn in as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency sometime around 2015.

Then again, it’s all just a theory.
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