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First Call: Zero to Synchronicity in 15 Seconds Flat

On a less somber note - had my first telephone exchange this weekend with somebody I have been trading 40k+ emails with for the past few months. The transition from interacting with somebody in the form of text (where each thought can be reconsidered, edited and polished before being sent) to live conversation is a significant leap. Much to my delight, she is as charismatic and intelligent by voice as she is in text ... and I am smiling even as I type.

There is a certain kind of verbal charisma that can be take your breath away ... and she effortlessly commands the spirited sort of charismatic presence and voice that drive unwary men to foolishly fall in love (and I am quite aware how many already have). But conversational synchronicity, even absent romantic subtext, is a fantastically uplifting experience - and given what I need right now, is more than enough.

Aggregate hours spent this weekend on the phone with one individual: 12 hours.

Best quote from this weekend's conversation:
Saying 'let's remain friends' after a breakup is code word for 'let's keep tabs on each other so we can figure out who made the bigger mistake in ending the relationship'

Sometimes, one can despair at humanity's capacity for cruelty and horror. That, more than anything else, is why it is good to remember how much power a single individual can have to remind us of its sweetness.
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