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Give Mister Bill a Piece of Your Mind ...

Thanks to Michael for the find.

NCCI pulls workers' flags

By Phil Galewitz, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
Saturday, September 15, 2001

On a day of national mourning and prayer, a Boca Raton company had its managers confiscate some American flags from employees' cubicles, saying other workers might find them offensive.

NCCI Holdings Inc., a company that compiles workers compensation insurance data, told its 850 Boca Raton employees that displays of nationalism had no place in the office.

"Divisive statements or actions, political or religious discussions and anything else that could be divisive or mean different things to different people are not appropriate in our work environment," Chief Executive Officer Bill Schrempf said Friday in a memo to employees.

Palm Beach Post - Saturday, September 15th, 2001

Well well well.

(update: as the policy has been changed, keeping an address here would only serve to let yahoos harass the poor man. I think he's had enough. Shall we move on?)
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