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World Cyber Games. Rogue Skills. Life.

Recent months have been hectic with an odd melange of both great and difficult news.

On balance, things are good: I will be in Los Angeles for the next few days with a VIP backstage pass to the World Cyber Games and see a bunch of sweaty nerds awkwardly gawk at booth babes in Los Angeles in preparation for a major Blizzard-authorized StarCraft 2 tournament here in SF.

Also been in meetings with two co-conspirators to establish a SF-based academy teaching advanced survival skills (expanding upon the Urban Escape and Evasion class I took a few months ago) - for those interested in acquiring the ultimate set of self-reliance skills in an increasingly uncertain world.

Tomorrow I will be up to my eyeballs in meetings with one awesome break - in the middle of the day, I will join the founder of a startup I bankrolled for an extended test drive of the Tesla Roadster in Menlo Park.

In the meantime, I will leave you with the photo of one of the booth babes (taken at my loft) who will be decked out in a full Terran Dominion Ghost outfit at our San Francisco StarCraft 2 tourney.


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