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ABCs of Attraction is Coming to Town!

I first came across JT Tran in 2007 through a random introduction, and we've been good friends since. Often described as the "Hitch" for Asian-Americans, JT is the founder of the ABCs of Attraction, which focuses on helping Asian-American men (who, as a population, is statistically shortchanged in a mixed-race dating environment) improve their ability to relate to and connect with women of all races.

For many people, publication of the 2005 book "The Game" was their first exposure to the seduction/PUA community which generated a flurry of commentary from the general public. Predictably, many disapprove of the notion of men taking classes to increase their ability/confidence to approach and attract women and JT attracted his share of detractors, even from within the Asian community.

Against this tide, JT has courted mainstream media and culture, presenting a guest lecture at Harvard University, being interviewed at Channel 5 News and being featured as a cover story in AsianWeek.

His "ABCs of Attraction" have helped thousands of guys (minority and otherwise) in the five years he's been teaching and refining his program - in a week he will be coming to San Francisco/Bay Area to share his knowledge with in-field instruction for the next weekend:

JT, along with his colleague Kevin Feng will be teaching next week in San Francisco - interested parties who wish to take that final slot are welcome to use "friendofkai" as a discount code.

Another announcement forthcoming, but wanted to make sure that I give JT the early plug I promised. If you're here and local, I hope to see you at the bootcamp!
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