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Would You Pay a Million Dollars to Spend One Night with Elin Nordegren?

So it looks like Tiger's blonde bombshell wife is demanding $750MM of his fortune for her five years of married life because of Tiger's insatiable appetite for extracurricular punani.

Now, as a numbers-oriented guy, I couldn't help but wonder how this breaks down, punani-wise, so I consulted the internets for some back-of-the-envelope calculations.

According to About.com, the average married couple has sex 127 times a year.

With five years of marriage, that works out to 127 x 5 = 635 times Tiger theoretically partook of his lovely wife's carnal charms whilst betrothed. Now given his ravenous appetite for extracurricular poon, his actual marital numbers may quite likely be much lower - but on the other hand, he does have a demonstrably above-average libido, so let's call it a wash and just say 635 for purposes of this exercise.

Breaking it down, $750,000,000/635 = US$1,181,102.36 for each time Tiger got it on with Elin. A million bucks a shot is like ... well ... I'll let you fill in your own golf/hole joke here.

And every high-priced escort and opportunistic gold-digger (but I repeat myself) on the planet weeps in envy.

million dollar a night punani

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