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Urban Escape & Evasion, Supplemental Video. TEDx Oil Spill.

I will be speaking at TEDx Oil Spill San Francisco in the Financial District in a few hours.

On advice from perich, I did end up acquiring a Hero HD camera and shot periodic video footage of the flight from our pursuers throughout the "final" of the Urban Escape & Evasion Class I took part in a week ago (which made me feel like the protagonist in the Stephen King novella The Running Man).

Full video is being processed and will be completed in the next few days, but until then, a teaser from when we made contact with our first friendly operative Liz (who some of you in the PUA community will recognize as "The Long-Term Girlfriend of Mystery").

My life is so weird.

Now, off to TEDx.

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On advice from [info]perich, I did end up acquiring a Hero HD camera

Awesome! That is some sweet hi-res.

Did you mount it on anything for foot pursuits / parkour escapes / fighting off attackers?
Just kept it in my hand and made periodic auto-videos describing where we were. While in pursuit, we were mostly focused on not getting captured, and given that we agreed to certain rules of engagement (no fighting of attackers - if hunter tags the pursued on the shoulder, he's considered captured) there is none of that.

We eluded our pursuers for the entire journal so no capture vids; we just had our near-miss.

.. trick question - the answer is *both*:

- as Solicitor General, Kagan successfully argued that Saudi Arabia should be immune to lawsuits from the 9/11 families (so as not to damage relations with an "ally").

- and according to her own past testimony and writings, Kagan would preserve any number of chilling Bush-era innovations in the realm of civil liberties. Obama may as well have nominated Alberto Gonzales to the Supreme Court (thanks, Barry!).

.. so write or call your Senator. ask whether he or she is willing to kick the 9/11 families in the shins .. or, for that matter, whether they're comfortable with a nominee so much farther to the right than outgoing Justice Stevens.

Witcher Preston
Richmond, VA
small world. I wonder what she says of Mystery and the whole PUA thing. What did you use for your improvised lock pick when you were getting yourself out of handcuffs?
We had a long conversation about Mystery (she just left him after 2 years). That's a topic best done offline. :P

A: Bobby pin, bent in the corner.