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Captain Paul Watson: Crusader and Pirate of Compassion

Even in a lineup of presenters as amazing as TED, only one speaker brought the audience to their feet in roaring ovation after his talk on his mission to save the ocean's megafauna.

Captain Paul Watson has been called everything from a terrorist to a lunatic - an uncompromising figure that has dedicated his life to the preservation of marine life by whatever means possible.

I saw a trail of bloody bubbles coming at us real fast - and this whale came up and out of the water an an angle so that the next move was to simply fall forward on top of us and crush us. And as his head rose out of the water, I saw this eye come up from the ocean. And I as looked into that eye I some something that changed my life forever. Because I saw … understanding. That whale understood what we were trying to do because I could see the effort made to pull himself back - I could see his muscles clench. He pulled himself back and his head began to slip back into the sea and I saw his eye disappear beneath the surface.

And he died.

He could have killed us - he made the decision not to do so. So the fact that I'm alive today is because that whale made a decision. So I owe my life to a whale.

But I saw something else in that eye - something that had a profound impact on me. And it was pity. Not for himself, but for us - that we could commit such an act of blasphemy, that we could take life so thoughtlessly, so ruthlessly, so mercilessly.

And for what?

The Russian were killing sperm whales primarily for Spermaceti oil - and one of the uses for Spermaceti oil was for lubricating machinery. It is a very high heat-resistant oil. And one of the pieces of machinery that was being manufactured by the Russians with Spermaceti oil were intercontinental ballistic missiles.

And so here we are.

Destroying this incredibly intelligent, socially complex, beautiful sentient creature for the purpose of making a weapon meant for the mass extermination of human beings.

And that's when it struck me.

We're insane.

And from that moment on, I said "I'm not going to do this for you. For people. I'm going to do this - for them. For the whales. For the creatures of the sea."

And that's what we've been doing ever since.

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