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TEDxBerkeley. Help Requested.

As fans of the TED Talks know, there's a recent phenomenon of TEDx events across the globe - independently organized talks by leading thinkers and doers in the community, in the spirit of the original TED Conference.

I've been asked to co-curate TEDxBerkeley (date:April 3 2010), and while I'm thrilled to pieces at the opportunity, task-management has been ... challenging. At an anticipated 700 attendees, we will be the largest TEDx event ever held to date* and the logistics are formidably complex. My usual to-do-list organization tools are overwhelmed - does anyone know a good (preferably free) task-management/delegation tool on Mac/OSX? Please keep in mind that I am a computer idiot, so complex tools with steep learning curves are useless to me.

Just to give an example of what I'm facing: yesterday, I had 322 messages in my inbox, and I expect the deluge to continue all the way until the day of the event. Ugh.

And if you expect to be in the Berkeley area April 3rd, 2010 and would like to attend, please do fill out the application form and leave a comment here so it gets priority consideration (at the moment, we already have more completed applications than seats at the Wheeler auditorium - and we're sending out invites to accepted applicants in small waves).

* Correction - as someone pointed out, TEDxUSC currently stands as the largest TEDx event to date, with 1,000 in-person attendees. TEDxBerkeley will be the second-largest TEDx event ever held in terms of headcount.

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