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Tritones, A Capella

Little-known bit of my bio: Back in high school, I was a member our chamber/A Capella singers for three years as a baritone; some of my fondest memories from those years were performing high-energy arrangements to school-age listners (annual Pops Concert), adult audiences, and choral competitions. Fell away from the performing arts while attending college, as I joined the crew team (whose early 5:15 am Monday through Saturday practice schedule killed our ability to attend most parties), and wrote a weekly column for the Guardian Newspaper.

Though I've been an apostate from the joy of performing A Capella music, I'm quite fond of the art and possess a large selection of four-part harmonies in my digital music library; I've been known to sing along to a particularly catchy song in my car while driving.

February 20th 2010

Saturday evening, I was hit with a wave of nostalgia when I went to Berkeley's Wheeler Auditorium to support my alma mater's Tritones, who were one of eight quarter-finalist contestants in the Varsity Vocals competition, for the best collegiate singing group in the America.

The stage was set: eight superbly talented A Capella groups showcased their musical chops before a panel of judges, with the two top finishers of the eight advancing to the semi-finals. The Tritones have apparently had a bad streak of ranking #3 for a few years in a row at this stage of the competition, just missing the cut to advance further to the final round.

Every group that took the stage had superb showmanship - tight choreography, harmonically complex vocals and some jaw-dropping human beatboxing. As an audience member, it was a delight to see such talent and passion on stage - as a supporter of my school, I wondered how our Tritones would fare, lining up against such a formidable array of talented competitors.

There's a delight in watching performers throw themselves with complete abandon into their craft; by the time the Tritones took the stage (they ended up being the seventh group to take the stage), the audience was fully warmed up from the previous acts. I was hoping for an encore of the Tritones' infamous Rickroll (yes, technically that link is a Rickroll - but it's not the one you're thinking).

They sang their hearts out for their 12-minute allotted set, and departed the stage to roars of approval from the audience and a standing ovation.

After a nail-biting 30 minutes after the final group stepped down, the judges announced the winners, and for the first time - the Tritones broke the streak of 3rd-place finishes and came in NUMBER ONE.

People keep telling me I should start watching Glee. I suppose it's inevitable I should get to it.

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