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Nested Conciousness

Ever had a dream in which you were positive you just woke up from ... only to find yourself landing into yet another dream?

Had a bizzare 40-minute nap this afternoon. The last time I remember a nested dream-within-a-dream was when I was around 12 years old ... and that one was only two degrees before I "truely" awakened. Today, well ...

[1] First dream was in my old Pacific Heights apartment in San Francisco, where I was watching the sailboats in the bay at sunset. I remember feeling tired, and getting ready to hit the sack early, only to find myself ...

[2] ... shaken awake by my father. Seems I was "dreaming" as I was napping on the couch back at their house. I had a copy of Garth Ennis' graphic novel Preacher: War in the Sun held loosly in my hands while I "slept," and as he walked away, he was shaking his head, wondering aloud why somebody my age would still be wasting time reading comic books. Just as I got up ...

[3] ... I wipe sleep-boogers from my eyes and blink. I am starboard-side at a window seat on what appears to be a private jet. Sunlight streams through the windows and I turn away from the glare. A pretty woman with shy eyes is seated next to me. "Looks like you dozed off there for a while, sweetheart."


She leans over me, points to a magnificent waterfall just a few hundred meters outside my window, and whispered "You should sleep later, or you're going to miss the best view of our honeymoon..."


She sighs, nuzzles against my neck and wraps her arms around my shoulders, and I can smell the remnents of some scented shampoo on her hair. I look out the window again, but the waterfall is gone ...

... and then I'm awake. I think.

Yarr. I could care less about [1] or [2] ... but dammit I wish I could reroll tape [3] and play it again to get better a look at her face ... or even just to get her name ...

Yeesh. I really need to get a girlfriend.

Back to work.
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