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US Federal Government, Wealth Destroyer

Leave it up to the FedGov to cook up a cockamamie scheme where a billion dollars is siphoned from taxpayers to destroy perfectly working vehicles and screw poor people who can't afford a brand-new car and would actually appreciate and use said 'clunkers' which are summarily crushed and taken out of circulation.

Cash for Clunkers Breaking Down
It's unbelievable that the government has set aside $1 billion of taxpayer money to remove roughly 250,000 drivable vehicles from the road. And the situation is getting messy as thousands of people who didn't need a tax break went out to get one to accompany their new vehicles.

Hoping to boost new car sales, the government sold "cash for clunkers" playing on environmental sensibilities. But the waste this program brings is irresponsible and the fuel-standard improvements required are a joke. These working-condition vehicles could have gone on used car lots, available to people who can't afford new cars. Or they might have found their way to charitable organizations or relatives in need.

But this is better, right? President Barack Obama and Congress created an artificial rush for new cars while destroying working vehicles, giving people who can afford new cars a big tax break and leaving auto recyclers and lower-income car buyers in the dust. What a wreck.

And now, they want to find *another* billion dollars to keep this horrible program going?

The people I know who took advantage of the program turned in little-used but perfectly usable minivans and SUVs (so that means they weren't on the road polluting the air anyway) to be destroyed. Marginal environmental benefits, very real physical destruction of the wealth of the nation, all aided and abetted by the fools on Capital Hill.

Ok, rant done.
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