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Don't Be This Guy


Being a rising actor and celebrity means that every person is going to form a different opinion of you, and whether they think you’re amazing, or not, you just have to realize how special you are, and that you do things that only a few people in the world can ever dream of doing. When I meet girls now, they are so intimidated by who I am, and the power that I hold with my stature and new celebrity, that I think that it pushes “normal” people away, and gives them the wrong idea of who Arthur Kade is. I am becoming a worldwide brand that stands for quality and excellence, and people will follow me as “The Journey” goes to the next level, but with this power comes the fact that “Haters”, and non-believers will be jealous, and become intimidated, and try to sabotage greatness.

The beauty of Arthur Kade, is how dynamic and complex that I am, and the depth to which I can address any topic, including sexuality.

Tags: humor
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