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Saturday brings me to my once-every-two-months ritual of donating blood at the local Red Cross, where I am attached to tubes and get about 50 hit points drained into a 500mL bag. Free cookies and snacks abound in the donation place, as well as free WIFI.

It is a strange and somewhat surreal experience, watching your life literally drain out of your body even in such a controlled environment - the steady filling of the blood bladder, the antiseptic smell of iodine on the arm.

The questionnaires - always adjusting to current realities, now focus on Swine Flu and ask a blizzard of questions related to exposure risks that donors' lifestyles might put them in contact. Oddly enough, being gay male automatically excludes you from blood donation - a strangely archaic restriction in this day and age.

Still - all for a good cause, and for those who care, a free blood test (since the Red Cross runs a full-spectrum test on donations each time they come in).
If you're healthy, over 110lbs and not a gay male (hey, I don't make the rules. :( ) go forth and give life!

Eased off on Crossfit last week while I'm down a pint, but I'm feeling ready to rock starting this Monday.

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