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Tuesday, December 21st, 2004
Thanks to a confluence of unusual events, I have the oppotunity to go to Balad, Iraq at the end of January, during the first democratic election ever to be held on Iraqi soil. At this point, it is 95% likely I will be going.

In recent weeks I have been intensifying my practice sessions at the shooting range between work meetings ... but considering that I will probably be under U.S. military escort most of the time while I am there, it's mostly a safety precaution. Expect lots of photos, if I make it back. Haha.

There is also a presentation I will be hosting on Jan 11th in Oakland that I am preparing for, so updates will be rather sparse until then.

Have a safe and relaxing Christmas, everyone.


PS: In completely unrelated linkage fun - check out What is Happening to Me? ... the online journal of a guy who was, ah ... "bitten by a werewolf" documenting his transformation. STRONGLY suggest you start with his first entry (scroll down) and work your way to the present day. Hysterical.

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