December 7th, 2004

Hard Target

Chinese Tattoos

As a Taiwanese-born Chinese, I never understood the growing trend of non-Asians getting Chinese-character tattoos. What is the fascination? Do people feel that words written in languages they can't read hold some talismanic power?

Whatever the case - permanantly festooning words you don't understand to your skin has hilarious (or catastrophic) consequences; for those of us who can read the language and have a malicious sense of humor, Hanzi Smatter offers hours of goatish snickering.

Best entries:

Wife: "Oh honey, wouldn't it be sweet if we got matching tattoos?"
Husband: "I don't know, I thought only bikers and rock stars wear tattoos."
Wife: "That's not true, and look, I even picked out a design for us, yours says 'husband' and mine says 'wife', wouldn't it be cute?"
Husband: "I still don't know...."
Wife: "please, please? I'll give you oral tonight! And we could get it right on our wrists.”
Husband: "Okay, if you really want to."
Wife says under her breath: "right on the wrist, just like a handcuff in ink."
Husband: "What did you say honey?"
Wife: "oh, I just said I love giving you oral."
Husband: “I love you."


While 'mad flow' may be a compliment in the world of improvisational battle-rap, it does not quite translate well into Chinese.

Photo entry forthcoming, as I have a new toy that just came in the mail.


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