October 6th, 2004


"Otherwise Engaged"


As some of you know, I am registered at a few local modeling/casting agencies; this weekend, I was invited to work as an extra/background for a Chinatown scene in a (wince) Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy, "Otherwise Engaged." In two scenes, I was paired off with a beautiful girl playing my wife/girlfriend, crossing the camera right in front of Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Costner; morbid curiosity being what it is, I am probably going to actually go watch this film in theaters just to see if I end up in the final cut, in spite of my 'no romantic comedy ... EVER' rule.

Hey. Rules are meant to be broken, right?

  • You know how some actresses look way better on camera than in person? Jennifer Aniston is the opposite; she is, if such a thing is possible, much hotter live. Yowza. A lot shorter than I expected though.
  • Movie sets blow through ridiculous amounts of money - as an lowly background extra, I was given an Armani shirt to wear and the girl cast as my wife/girlfriend was given a $350 skirt from Neiman-Marcus ... and there's a nontrivial chance our entire scene might end up on the cutting floor. Ever wonder why movie tickets cost ten bucks? Now you know.
  • I've heard that a lot of Hollywood stars hire lookalikes to act as stand-ins and paparazzi decoys. Ended up meeting the guy serving as Kevin Costner's 'body double' ... and this cat is a dead ringer for Costner. Not a bad living, so long as the celeb you look like remains bankable.

All in all, a fun and rewarding evening. There's a far more interesting story involving the girl on the set ... but that's for another update. :) Ta for now.

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