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Monday, September 6th, 2004

It's my birthday (Labor Day ... how appropriate. Haha.) and I will be out this evening boozing it up with the usual suspects. Compromising photos may be posted later, but don't count on it. :D

Realized there are many of you reading this who I don't know that well ... so if you're up for it, please introduce yourself in the comment section with:

  1. Your photo. (Or if you're camera-shy, a funny picture)
  2. A book recommendation (and do share why you liked it).
  3. A link to something you wrote over a year ago.
  4. A movie recommendation (again, tell me a bit about what you liked about it)
  5. What were you doing right before you sat in front of your computer?

my responses ...Collapse )

Have a safe and happy Labor Day everyone. :)

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