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Tuesday, June 15th, 2004
Amazing response to the Gmail Giveaway raffle - best of luck to all the contestants! :)

At 18:00 PST, I will be using to generate the random number for the drawings. bradtastic should be joining me at the Apple Store to webcast the raffle with his iSight, and observers can tune in via iChat to see the fun (may be going out for dinner and movie after, for those interested in catching The Chronicles of Riddick at the AMC in Bay Street Emeryville).

Those who've completed all the instructions and are officially entered are as follows (if you see a problem with your entry or notice a duplication of a chosen number, please let me know via a comment below):

and the contestants are ...Collapse )

PS: Will still be accepting entries until 17:00 this afternoon - if you want to get in on the fun, please click here and follow the instructions. :) See you all at 18:00 at the Apple Store!
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