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Monday, March 15th, 2004
After about two years of online correspondence and innumerable telephone calls, I finally met up with the charming and notorious delightful kiad on Sunday for lunch. ;)

On my part, it was one of the most pleasant and engaging 'transition-from-internet-correspondence-to-real-life' meetings in memory; thought taller than I expected, kiad was otherwise exactly how I imagined - personable, warm ... and blessed with a ferociously quick and eclectic mind that can switch conversational topics from technology startups to 15th-century history, private-equity capital to Chinese culture with seamless ease.

Back at the hotel, I showed kiad the work-in-progress of my web-prank project which we both had a good laugh over (Speaking of - know you're busy this evening with the award banquet dinner thingy, but any word from Joi Ito yet?) :)

All in all, a great experience in Na2 Nie1 synchronicity. Glad to have you on the Pacific side of the country, Cameo!

Here's to more great afternoons of dim sum and eclectic Chinatown fare in future months. :)
Mood: calm

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