March 8th, 2004


Orion Over My Shoulder (Benecia, CA)

Dinner with with the always-entertaining Chris "Smurf" Dauer up in Benecia last night. Schemed, plotted and laughed ourselves sick while enjoying some excellent Thai food.

The view from the Benecia waterfront was spectacular - and playing around with my Canon yielded a wonderful surprise of catching the Orion constellation over my shoulder.

And now ... back to work.

PS: Seems like all the people I know with the requisite skills are in LA or NYC, so I'll cast my net into the ether; I am at an impasse for a web/video project I am working on, and am looking for SF Bay Area local who is

  • FinalCut Pro guru to help put together a 30-second clip (already have access to all the hardware needed)
  • Adobe GoLive guru to walk me through some of the rudiments of database-backed websites

Ideally, the individual should be familar with blogging culture, reliable, and an Apple/OSX user. if you are, or know anybody who'd like to collaborate on a project which has an excellent chance of getting a Blogdex ranking, send me an email or leave a comment here with contact info. :)

PhotoShop artifact cleanup and other help from bradtastic :)
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