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U.S. Navy SEALs are considered among the world's best-trained, most respected special-forces military units. Because of its prestige, current (or former) SEAL status is a favored biographical claim offered by military blowhards. So as a potential employer/business partner/whatever, how can you tell a Navy SEAL "Marla" from the genuine article?

CyberSEALs, an online community of SEAL veterans, offers handy tips on How to spot a Navy SEAL faker and dedicates countless man-hours to maintain an updated Wall of Shame (which lists names, contact information and claims of exposed SEAL poseurs). Indeed, CyberSEALs is so serious about hunting down phony SEALs they maintain a 24-hour online response form so you can check up on that stranger or job applicant who brags about being a "former U.S. Navy SEAL," but blows off questions when pressed about details on his military career because they're classified "in the interest of national security."
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