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Patent Attorney [Lazyweb]

Question (actually, two questions):

1. Anyone have experience with a well-regarded patent attorney for consumer products (preferably in the San Francisco area)?

I've done a bit of groundwork researching through Tim Ferriss' post on 'renting' ideas/inventions to manufacturers to sidestep the ferociously expensive tack of hiring a patent attorney for a full-boat research+patent-application process that still leaves no markable product at the end ; on his recommendation, spent some time researching the website of Stephen Keys.

I'll admit I am biased - I dislike the design of Key's website (smells too much of late-night infomercials - complete with the cheesy and unverifiable First-name-last-initial testimonials) but it doesn't necessarily mean the information isn't useable.

Anyone who has sold an idea/held a patent - I'd be very interested in speaking with as well.

2. Anyone knows an canny engineer working on bluetooth/RFID who's game for a meet-and-greet to answer some questions over lunch/coffee in the area - please do comment/message me.

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