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WALL*E ... Pixar!

Thursday, 11:30am:

owyn and I met up with a few old friends at the Emeryville office of Pixar for lunch and socializing.

As expected, WALL*E-themed decoration now dominates the Pixar campus since the last time I was there; the 'poster' section of the main lobby is now covered with mockup adverts for products in the WALL*E universe (EVE Robotics, Buy 'N Large corporate logos, etc.) done up in a retro-60s pastel-color style.

Outside, there was a giant Luxo Jr. and beyond that ... a three-story-tall inflatable WALL*E.

Luxo Jr! Luxo Jr!
The view from inside Pixar The view from inside Pixar
Buy n Large, Inc Buy n Large, Inc
Lunch at the campus Lunch at the campus
And what do we have here ...? And what do we have here ...?

Video of the Giant WALL*E

Panoramic Stitched Shot of WALL*E (still learning that feature of Photoshop CS3)

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