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Jimbo: Fun Time is Over

(thanks to ernunnos for both the precedent and excellent topic title)

Ah, where to begin, oh where to begin?

If I were to take every open shot jimy’s been lining himself up for, I’d be typing until Thanksgiving. Even now, I'm not sure which is more sad – his rank hypocrisy, or his inexplicably bitter rancor.

jimy: You, on the other hand, seem to regard all negative or dissenting comments as a personal attack on your ego.

Nice try. I’ve dueled intelligent people in online communities and, though never happy when my logical failures or inconsistencies are pointed out to me, do acknowledge them.

Example: In 40-Year-Old Landmines & The Price of Vengeance, kurmudgeon, in a debate on capital punishment, hammered me on my sloppy fact-citing efforts. He was right in this case – one of my numerical assertions had no concrete reference whatsoever. Was I annoyed? Most certainly. But respect where respect is due: I immediately conceded his point and continued the debate on areas where we do have legitimate disagreements.

Intelligent dissent is valuable and helps to challenge our assumptions behind our beliefs and opinions. Strangers who waltz in hurling insults at the host are, on the other hand, strictly amateur-hour vandals. Funny how jimy flatters himself and acts as if he engages in the former, when he has yet to cite a single reference to support his claims.

Indeed, his comment The original post, which suggests that AA actually sabotages minorities by placing them in disadvantageous situations, is absurd. Putting minorities in positions of power just to watch them fail. Yeah whatever. was proven utterly wrong by quantitative studies on the retention rates of “targeted” minority recruits cited in the previous entry. Aw … whassamatta? No clever, cutting retort? Let me add a few more references in response to "Your SAT score no more entitles you to an ivy league education than someone else's cultural background does":

At the Massachusettes Institute of Technology, the folly of precisely that sort of thinking was clearly articulated in the MIT Extropians’ Letter to the Freshman Class of 2001:
If 39% of undergraduates are women, why is there a 13:1 male/female ratio in spring term 18.901 (topology), a requirement for theoretical math majors, but a 1:2 male/female ratio in spring term 5.11, freshman chemistry for many of those who flunked chemistry in the fall? How many women choose to take and pass 18.014 and 18.024, or 8.012 or 8.022, any of courses in the honors freshman calculus and physics sequence? The ratio is at least 4:1 m/f. Women comprise majorities in biology (60%), chemistry (60%), materials science (58%), architecture (57%), civil and environmental engineering (67%), obviously the less mathematical, less challenging majors by contrast with math (35%), physics (19%), mechanical engineering (27%), aero/astro engineering (28%), and electrical engineering and computer science (22%) … “The Institute will continue its intensive efforts, through the Office of Minority Education, to meet the educational needs of minority group members [by] structuring and implementing a program to improve academic performance of minority students.” Even MIT does not deny that “underrepresented” minorities at MIT are academically weaker.(emphasis mine)
Care to comment?

Then of course, we get this gem: Your idealism is admirable, but that part of me has eroded in my old age. Ten years ago I probably would have completely agreed with everything you said.

Playing the “I’m so old and jaded – I’ve seen too much of the world to share your naïve views,” angle is the last resort of individuals who can’t sustain a position based on facts and reason. It’s a classic diversionary tactic of weak debaters: If you can’t win by the logic, patronize those who disagree with you. Pat them on them on the head and say “There, there. When you are as old and wise as I am, you’ll come round and abandon your foolish idealism.”

Amateur hour. I can continue for weeks on end - but there's work to finish and mail to catch up on.

When you’re ready to join us at the grownups’ table, give me a buzz. I’ll be happy to clear a seat for you. Until then, leave your profanity and neophyte antics at your own domain.

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