ezekiel's chariot - 張敦楷 (pjammer) wrote,
ezekiel's chariot - 張敦楷

April Madness

Last week, This week:

  • Fixed the domain-name registration issue that threw me into a frenzy for a few days. Domain-jacking scum : 0. Thanks for the help from those who chimed in their advice!

  • Had a wonderful week with a person who always brings a smile to my day. You know who you are.

  • Cleaning up a presentation in Keynote I will be delivering next week.

  • Ate more gelato than really healthy.

  • Caught up 80% on backlog of emails. Hurrah.

    I fear my posts are sounding more and more like twitter blurbs.

    More substantive updates pending.

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Tags: life
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