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BIL & TED's Excellent Adventure in Monterey


Through a confluence of good fortune, positive relationship-building mojo and no small measure of social engineering, I will be at the uber-l33t and completely sold-out-a-year-in-advance TED Conference in Monterey, CA. Hurrah!

This will be my first time in attendance, so a question: for those of you more familiar with its attendees and the environment - suggestions, recommendations, input?

Since I will be in Monterey, I've also signed up to speak at BIL, a 'counter conference' that is to TED what BARCAMP is to FOOCAMP, an open-source collaborative counterpart to its expensive, exclusionary cousin. Both have their virtues, and I will be speaking on the topic of positive psychology borrowing heavily from Martin Selgiman's fine work in Learned Optimism.

Are there folks I know in Monterey, or people I should meet with when I am there? Are there others on this list who will be attending BIL or TED that I should meet? Please speak up! :)

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