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Descant, P.I.

As some of you know, November is the month for Nanowrimo, better known by its full name: National Novel Writing Month. Aspiring scribes of varying talent commit to a hard 50k wordcount by the end of November, using the occasion as a vehicle to eliminate procrastination.

Now, like most low-traffic blogs, the average Nanowrimo project isn't worth a second glance, unless you're connected to the writer somehow.

Through an odd confluence of searches related to recent semilucid dreams and no small measure of serendipity, I stumbled across a Nanowrimo project that blew me away with its sharp dialogue, sardonic antihero protagonist, and a richly nuanced cast of supporting otherworldly and mundane characters - Descant.

A quote:

I’m not a sorcerer.

I tell you this, because it’s usually the very first question almost anyone who comes into my office asks me. They expect a man who deals with the supernatural to be some sort of supernatural being himself, I suppose. It's odd that they ask, really, considering that very few people really believe in the stuff, but I guess that doesn't mean they're not intrigued by it. Tolkien, and Rowling, and Lewis, and all those other writers who created fantasy worlds sparked the creative imaginations of the human race and made them wonder if any of that fiction was based in reality.

It is, obviously. I'm just not a part of it - not really anyway.


I suppose that means half my customers are disappointed when they come to my office expecting to find some steely-eyed Gandalf-meets-Columbo type character, and what they get is me- Desmond D. Descant, Paranormal Investigator, just a normal average guy. Almost.

- Chapter Two: Whatever the Case May Be, Descant

Like any work-in-progress, the tale as it stands can use some editing - but the objective of Nanowrimo is volume, not perfect prose - and for an unedited stream-of-consciousness story, it's a hell of a yarn.

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