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FlashMob Invite


A good friend and lifelong Florida resident recently accepted an offer to be the new Art Director of a major San Francisco-Headquartered web portal, and will be wheels down in SF next week at Oct 17th.

Because of my supposedly large number of contacts here, I've been volunteered to be the ringleader of a Flash Mob welcoming her to the area. Right now, we're envisioning two stages for that evening:

Working with the Cacophony Society, we will have a small welcome-mob at the SF Terminal when she crosses baggage claim, and then segues into a mixer/wine-and-chocolate tasting somewhere in
the city. Participants will have printed instructions on what to do at each stage, and the idea is to make her a temporary 'celebrity' by having a crowd of 'paprazzi' and autograph-seekers crowd her as she steps out of a limo into Union Square.

If you or someone you know is in the SF Metro area and want to be in on the fun, please reply below.

Details forthcoming.

Poll #1070249 Flashmob - Oct 17th 2007 7:00 pm -> 10:00 pm

You in?

Heck yeah. You have my contact info already.
Yes. Contact info forthcoming.
Would like to participate, but am out of the area. Boo.

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