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The Dark River by J12H

Recently read the second of John Twelve Hawks' novels, The Dark River continuing the story of those who run between raindrops in the shadow of an increasingly Panopticon world.

A quote from Twelve Hawks regarding the process of writing his novel seemed particularly salient for a variety of reasons:

I started writing The Traveler during a very dark period of my life. In my personal life, I felt like a complete failure. And in the larger world, it seemed more and more obvious that the American people were being manipulated by a variety of negative forces.

If anyone reading this is going through a similar period of despair, I extend my hand to you. This one moment does not define who you are. Try to be with people who will encourage you and not destroy your dreams.

Here's to the good steadfast presence when we find ourselves forging through our own dark rivers.

Not much in the way of essays these days ... much is going on but that's for RL friends and one-on-one conversations.

This is me breathing.

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