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UCSD Anonymous Confessions Thread - Act Deux

Because I am evil, and because it is finals week, I posted yet another anonymous confessions thread on the ucsd community.

860 comments and counting ... with highlights like:

  • Hot lesbian lust on campus

    From what I hear, Berkeley and Santa Cruz took all the young lesbians in CA. I was bi-leaning-les in my first year at this school and after a year I fell into a long-term relationship with a man because I couldn't take going to the gay dances and seeing the usual suspects: the same ten girls who had all dated each other and had high-school-style drama times a million. No thanks.

    I love my boyfriend a lot and at this point wouldn't have it any other way but I have to wonder how my life would have been if I had gone to, say, Smith.

  • An informative thread discussing the pros and cons of hash brownies.

    hash brownies...

    what are the side effects of a first time user who's never gotten high before, by either ingestion or smoking? i'm trying to decide if i want to eat it now, or after i'm done with finals. i don't want to freak out over it and screw up my studying pattern or anything.

    google's a bitch and it's not coming up with side effects of hash brownies, so yea.

  • Infrequent laundry guy.

    I do laundry about once a month. I don't even have that many clothes, either.

    >> At least you're kinda helping the environment in a way by wasting less water and detergent

  • Female self-gratification thread.

    I'm female, and I rub them out frequently, more days than not.

    I'm curious, it seems like my roommates, a lot of other girls I know have NEVER touched themselves. C'mon, what's up with that? How can you expect a man to do to you what you can't do to yourself?

    Someone want to answer this for me?

  • I am still laughing out loud in front of my computer after the sixth time reading this thread.

    flappers used to tape their boobs down to make them look smaller. it's just our society that makes us think the bigger the better. we're not genetically mal-dispositioned.

    girl with 32A's.

    > yes, but we DO live in the society that thinks bigger is better.
    > good luck nursing.
    > -34B
    >> I win.
    >> -34C/D

    (and then it gets really, really amusing)

Something about anonymity brings out all sorts of fascinating stuff. What are your favorite threads? Post in comments.

Ok, enough of that. Back to work.
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