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My Start-Up Life/Ben Casnocha

I first heard of Ben Casnocha through a few friends who spoke of him in tones of awe; boy-wonder entrepreneur, voracious reader and accomplished writer all before he was allowed to vote.

I met Ben less than a year ago and, like most people, was blown away by his energy, enthusiasm and humility. There is the stereotype that boy-wonder business prodigies must by necessity also sport an ego to match, but with Ben there was no such thing - he is eminently approachable and likable in spite of being light-years ahead of his same-age peers.

As fitting for a person of such an unusual biography, Ben has written a book - My Start-Up Life, which chronicles his story of how he started his first company at age 15, squeezing in to meetings with clients and prospects between high school classes and ball practice all the while maintaining his own version of balance in between.

Ben's intense and thoughtful in turns, and I am proud and privileged to count him as a friend. His book is an inspiration, and is the best graduation gift parents of teenagers can offer.

And now ... back to work.
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