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The Pjammer Chronicles Home Game: Name That Flamewarrior!

Those of us old enough to remember the phrase “September Stupidity” (ask a friend who’s had internet access over 10 years if you'd like to know more) remember the days before HTML – when the best online entertainment was lurking in the alt.*, soc.* talk.* communities and watching various personalities wage months-long flamewar vendettas against each other. Indeed, flamewars in actively-trafficked groups can often generate threads spanning over a hundred individual argument/counterattack posts from its combatants.

But have you ever wondered what those oft-faceless flamewarriors would look like? Wonder no more – artist Mike Reed (clearly a battle-hardened veteran of vicious online duels in high-traffic newsgroups) offers us a hysterical illustrated rogue’s gallery of flamewarrior personalities.

The Pjammer Chronicles Home Game Those of you who've been following the pjammer chronicles from the beginning (thanks for the early encouragement!) have already witnessed (or even participated in) quite a number of knock-down, drag-em-out flamewars right here in this very column. Now it is time to test how well you know your fellow LJ combatants and play … Name That Flamewarrior!

The rules of the game are simple: match the LJ individual (who participated in a flamewar here on the pjammer chronicles) with the personalities/descriptions which best fits the flamer's writing style. Note: in a number of cases, a single individual can be correctly be described by multiple “types”

Correct answers: +5 points
Blank: 0 points
Wrong answers: -1 point
Big Dog & Me-Too
Artful Dodger
Kung Fu Master
Evil Clown
Stone Deaf
Lonely Guy
Tireless Rebutter

Two freebies to get you started:
Since I have hosting/deletion power here, the Administrator role is clearly my domain (though a few less flattering personalities are also appropriate ...)

And the anonymous vandal who posted these constructive comments would, of course, be none other than a Howler.

Two down, 30 to go. Now go Name that Flamewarrior!
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