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I Hate SF

Why I Hate San Francisco, #29112.

Last Thursday, went to SF for drinks with madkiwi & company as well as a wine dinner party with Jason Korman from the early evening until around 11pm, only to return to my car and discover an odd breeze when I sat in my car; looking right, I noticed the passenger windshield smashed, and a ski jacket and other items stolen from the back seat of my car.

It's one of the most awful emotions to experience - that feeling of violation that some jerk decided to help himself to your belongings - to hell with your sense of security or respecting the sanctity of your space.

Apparantly, property crimes like this are so frequent that SFPD considers it a "low priority incident" and refused to send an officer to photograph the scene; I was told to file a police report online.

*Grumble* *Grumble*

Window has since been fixed, but the feeling of violation remains.

In happier news, was able to enjoy madbard's superbly sublime "The Charmed Life" at the Secret Rose Theater Saturday and spending a few relaxing days here before I return to SF.

Regular programming to return shortly. In the meantime ...

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