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Burniniate Burning Man

Although I've been invited a few times to the counterculture Mecca that is Burning Man, circumstances kept me from seriously considering making that trek up to Nevada.

From the looks of this scathing review of Burning Man, perhaps it's just as well.

The idea of holding a massive event in one of the hottest nastiest driest places on the planet seems stupid on the face of it. Why would almost 40,000 people pay over $200 for a ticket and probably $1000-1500 total to suffer in this godforsaken place for a week or more? For years my common sense kept me away, just as it has safely helped me avoid backpacking in Afghanistan, running an ultra-marathon in Death Valley or eating bacon wrapped hot dogs from the vendor carts in Tijuana. Though my common sense seldom fails me, my friends often do and they conned me into wasting a week of my life and about $1500 to attend Burning Man 2006.

Nothing could have prepared me for the stupidity of this event, except perhaps an honest account of how truly awful it was. I’ve been unable to find such an account, online or elsewhere. I offer my dissent to the pretense that is Burning Man. I hope that my eyewitness report will save potential burn victims a week of vacation and at least a grand in misspent cash.

Now I know there are friends who have attended and would like to hear your thoughts/input on the experience.

Poll #825003 Burningman

1. Have you ever gone to Burningman?

Yes, multiple times.
Yes, once. Probably will go again in the future.
Yes, once. Probably won't go again.
No, but I'd like to.
No, and I don't think I will.

2. For those who've attended: how did your first Burningman meet with your expectations?

Exceeded them. I highly reccomend it.
More or less what I've expected.
Was dissapointed.

3. For those who've gone and liked it: what is the best thing about Burning Man? For detractors, what did you like least about Burning Man?

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