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Techcrunch 7

Arrington's Techcrunch parties are legendary in the valley, bringing together a potent melange of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, high-powered engineers and other Silicon Valley power-brokers ... and the Techcrunch 7 event last Friday in Menlo Park proved to be no exception.

We witnessed demos from fascinating new startups, sampled wine from Stormhoek, and mingled with a cast of over 500 attendees at the headquarters of August Capital.

Alas, as is the case with such events, a few riff-raff managed to crash the party - and made off with a odd souveneir - a stolen 'G' from the metallic sign at the entrance of the August Capital office.

Sadly, nobody managed to collect on the $200 bounty to be photographed streaking next to Michael Arrington, as offered by Valleywag magazine.

Better luck next time, eh?

"Who stole my G?"

P.S.: Correction. David Hornik, at August Capital pointed that the 'G' was, in fact, not stolen - simply knocked off during the party's festivities. A dab of superglue later, the sign was promptly fixed. Thanks David.

P.P.S. Correction 2. An anonymous commentor indicated that there was, in fact, a streaker who managed to make his way through the party, though he was in a bathing suit so I don't know if that still qualifies. Ha.

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