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Travel. Music. Magic.

Took a much-needed weekend jaunt in Nevada at a friend's condo and watching the Marques brothers boxing match in South Lake Tahoe. Two excellent, hard-fought bouts by challengers to a loud crowd of spanish-cheering audience waving Mexican flags at the Mont Bleu casino/hotel.

A few quick-hits:

  • Will be in Rhode Island this week to watch my brother graduate from the U.S. Navy's boot camp (this will be the first time any of us will see him in uniform). The Usual Suspects in the area who want to meet up - give me a ring/email; I'll be in Providence, RI from Wed (9 Aug) to Sat (12 Aug). My username AT gmail.com.

  • In music news, I realize that while I've pimped it out privately to a few friends, some may not be aware of the Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape series; every six to eight weeks, the M-B Mixed Tape website offers a selection of dozen songs (mostly in the jazz, downtempo and occasional hip-hop genres) for free download. Well worth a look-see.

  • Made a post in the sfbayarea for the upcoming film The Illusionist that a few of us are going to watch opening weekend ... if you are a fan of sleight-of-hand magic or a performing magician, you're welcome to join the fun and answer the poll for your preferred location/time.

  • bradtastic, Julia - I'm dropping by the post office for something with your name on it, should reach you shortly.

Photos forthcoming.
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