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Gapminder. Understanding Poverty and Human Development

As a fan of the Grameen Foundation and their work in microfinance, I was intrigued by the Gapminder Video, where a Swedish economist showcased elements of the Gapminder tool in understanding global distributions of wealth and how they correlated to physical health of the citizens, and how different strategies produced radically different results in the growth or stagnation of a nation's fortunes.

The idea of "dollar street" was particularly fascinating - from the illustration, it's clear that those reading this post probably represent the richest 1~2% of the world, yet almost none us would say we feel 'rich.'

Class-warfare demagogues dominate our political landscape, hectoring us with linear, alarmist numbers to justify ham-fisted solutions whose side-effects are worse than the ailments they aim to cure; the encouraging news that Gapminder revealed is that wealth is indeed growing for even the poorest of the world and allows non-statisticians to get better clarity on the demographic consequences of government decisions.

Fascinating stuff. And now back to my backlog of emails ... :P
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