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Initiative - the Missing Ingredient (Jessica Pierce)

One of the qualitiies I most admire in people is initiative - the willingness to take risks and try things beyond their comfort zones.

My good friend, Ian Ybarra recently lost a close and inspiring friend whose biography was an apotheosis of the sort of initiative that is so often missing in this world.

I"ll let Ian speak:

Her name was Jessica Pierce. And she had something special. Call it initiative, call it courage, call it whatever you want, but she was going to use it to make great things happen. She wasn't about to live by default like most people I run across.


If you run across a young person who's finding reasons to avoid doing great things, point them to this story. Perhaps they'll get it. Perhaps they won't.

If you run across parents who are confining their children's lives to the limits they long ago placed on their own, point them to this story. Help them understand how lucky they are to be able to send their daughter to college or to an internship or job 1,000 miles away. I know Jessica's parents would love to do that, just to know Jessica was living and living well. Perhaps they'll get it. Perhaps they won't.

Either way, Jessica's story will speak to those who have that special thing inside that she had. And if her legacy is having inspired even those few people, it will be a legacy of a life well lived.

- Ian's entry on Jessica Pierce

Rest in peace, Jessica. Yours is a life truely cut down in its prime, denied an abundant and rewarding interlocking set of stories through fate's indifferently cruel hand. We can only hope your biography serve inspiration for those who live in the shadow of your energy and love for life.
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