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Secret Confessions Highlights

Secret confession thread on the ucsd community has gone largely without erupting into major flamewars or nastiness (a few invectives hurled at me notwithstanding).

Would like to highlight some of what I felt to be more interesting/intriguing confessions/comments here - and for those of you who have been following the discussion, please feel free to chime in with your thoughts.

  • The very first confession.
    "I've slept with two econ professors. 1 is married. I feel like such a slut."

  • Somebody dislikes Asian sorority girls.
    "they are all exact clones of each other, and pretend to *LOVE* each other so much. they show this *LOVE* by sending each other myspace and facebook messages and by proclaiming how much they *LOVE* to drink with each other."

  • Sometimes when you gotta go ...
    "Last summer, when i couldn't find a bathroom at 1:00am I peed into the fountain at Price Center. Feel guilty anytime i see someone stand inside the water."

  • This one made me laugh out loud for whatever reason.
    "I wish more people here did drugs. Well, some do, but it's so tough to find them and then their drug sources. Every time I have gotten drugs here it's been through so many contacts. C'mon, I had a healthy coke habit going into ucsd, and now where'd it go? But it's okay, I found some more and now I'm spreading the craze."

  • Why it's a bad idea to share passwords. Especially people consider you to be a bitch.
    "My freshman year roommate was a bitch for anonymous reasons. One day she asked me to register for classes for her, even wrote down her PIN and PAC. I did, but I also kept the paper. I never talked to her again after freshman year, but once in a while I check to see her progress and take a perverse joy in seeing how many classes she's failed."

  • I guarantee that whoever wrote this is either Chinese or Indian.
    "I bought a large drink from Rubio's in the Price Center at the beginning of the quarter, and I've been refilling it everyday rather than buying a new drink."

  • Primo blackmail material, if you're a Psych student.
    "I was visiitng a gay porn site and i saw my psych ta..... i'm not kidding."

  • Warcrack claims another victim.
    "I was a valedictorian of my HS, student body president and voted 'most likely to succeed.' Now, I am barely holding a 2.0 GPA and hopelessly addicted to World of Warcraft and run Molten Core obsessively waiting for the expansion to be released. I have no social life (unless you want to call my guildmates who I've never met in RL part of my 'social life')."

  • Interracial Impregnation fantasies, white privledge, Mexicans, & racial mayhem.
    "I have fantasies about impregnating white women and watching their pale and soft bellies bloated because of my dark seed. This is not because I have a thing for white women, for I think the vast majority of white women, especially the ones in America, are quite disgusting both in terms of looks and personality. I would do this just out of my spite for the white men."

  • Christians, Apostasy and a religious debate that teetered on the cusp of a flamewar but manners prevailed. Mostly.
    "I keep meeting girls at UCSD that seem really attractive until I find out they're Christian. I swear to god this isn't because I know they won't immediately put out or anything like that...it's just knowing that they still believe the exact things mom and dad told them were true when they were babies or else were converted by someone who did...it just seems to betray a tremendous lack of critical thinking skills or a refusal to question something even if it makes you feel really good."

  • Now you know why textbooks cost as much as they do ...
    "I've shoplifted over $1500 worth of books from the UCSD bookstore. There's an art ot it if you know what to look for and how to not get caught. Never paid for a single textbook in my life. Not about to."

  • I think I've dated this girl. No wait, EVERY GUY ALIVE has dated this girl.
    "I blueball. Just about every guy I get with. I get naked. they're fingering me, etc. And I jump up and leave. They almost all ask me at some later date if it was something they did, or if it wasn't good, and I'm just kinda, "Oh, I don't know" and it's left at that."

  • But he seemed so quiet and mild-mannered before he threw that guy down Geisel's top floor!
    "I'm not generally that violent of a person, but damn, I was studying on the 8th floor of Geisel today and I seriously wanted to throttle the jerks whispering loudly right under the "Please PLEEEEASE don't talk on this floor, it's the ultra quiet floor, oh god please one silent place in the whole goddamn university" sign."

  • This one want to meet 'nice' people.
    "I've gone to UCSD for a few years now, and I still haven't made any lasting friendships with anyone here. Does anyone know where I can meet nice people?" (ed note: free a hint - don't hang around ucsd)

  • In baseball, it's called 'stealing signs' ... personally, I'd bust the guy.
    "i'm really pissed off with one of my friends. being their TA and knowing that they don't really care for the class, i've been kind of surprised w/their spectacular grades this quarter. i think they got a hold of my email password (few months back, they needed to print something at school and i stupidly gave away my account info) and has probably been reading all the correspondence (midterms, keys, finals) btw me and the prof. my proof? i found out during 8th week, immediately switched to gmail and bam! quiz average went from 96% to 72%. and now the said individual is totally avoiding me even though we live together. i'm so f*$()#@ pissed off..."


I'm going to post a 'best of ucsd anonymous confessions' LJ poll this weekend. Any other entries that deserve mention/nomination that I might have missed?
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