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Stormhoek Roundup

Thursday's Stormhoek dinner was, to my understanding, the largest of the 100 Geek Dinners held thus far in the U.S. After a long memorial day weekend where I continued to follow up with client meetings and other miscellaneous activities, wanted to post a roundup of others' posts/impressions of the event. Oddly enough, it appears I was the only person there with a legitimate camera - in a room full of blogging geeks, Treo-style cameraphones were the weapon of choice overwhelmingly favored by those in attendence. I may have to bring my point-and-shoot camera to the next event so we'd have at least two sets of photos that aren't in the grainy cameraphone resolution!

Starting off, we have Eric who blogged a nice writeup of his impressions/thoughts of the evening as well as photos from his slides. (LJ users note: you can subscribe to feed of his journal here echeng_rss.

Mie (from SixApart) posted photos and videos from the Harmonics' performances and her experiences from the party.

flashfire took a leap of faith to attend and greatly enjoyed himself.

aaangyl posted quite a few photos in her LJ Gallery of the event.

sunyata__, who I've never met before Thursday (even though we lived in the same city), had a good time and posted a few photos as well as her raffle prize, a copy of Keith Ferrazzi's Never Eat Alone.

tigresa came with her husband and The Biscuit for an evening of fun; entry of her evening's festivities can be found here.

ladycalliope joined her fellow Stanford Harmonics for a final song "Change in my Life" and wrote about her evening in this post.

As mentioned, the event was sponsored by Stormhoek wines, who generously provided wines - for those of you who attended and haven't yet posted about your evening, we'd appreciate a brief mention in a public entry on the topic as a way of saying 'thanks,' and do drop a comment below in this entry if you'd like your post linked from this journal.

There have been strong interest from people who wish for me to host another event, and I have a few ideas in the works already. As always, I'd be interested in hearing from you on what directions we should take future wine dinners. If you have any suggestions that don't fit into the poll, feel free to leave a comment below as well.

Poll #738744 Stormhoek

Would you like to attend a future Stormhoek dinner event and be included on the invite?


It's more difficult to close-out a restaurant on a weekend - but what are your preferences for future events?

I don't care, the only event I can attend is on a weekend.
Early in the week (Mon/Tues)
Later in the week (Weds/Thurs)
Anytime is a good time for wine & chocolate!

I'm considering raising the price a bit (say to $55 an evening) to cover the costs of hiring a professional magician to mingle with the crowd. Good idea?

Yes! I love closeup magic.
I like magic, but I wouldn't attend for $55.
I am a cheapskate and think that $10 is too much for unlimited wine and live entertainment.
P.S. For an idea of the sort of magician I'm looking to hire, please check out Jamy Ian Swiss. Site Meter
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