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Finite & Infinite Games

My previous post on Alan Moore's Watchmen quickly spawned an interesting discussion thread on the morality of Adrian Veidt's ambition and actions to "save the world from itself."

Good posts all around ... and reading the comments reminded of a quote from one of my favorite books, which I'd like to share.

Evil is never intended as evil. Indeed, the contradiction inherent in all evil is that it arises from the desire to eliminate evil. Evil arises in the belief that history can be tidied up and brought to a sensible conclusion. It is evil to act as though the past is bringing us to a specifiable end. It is evil for a nation to believe it is the “last, best hope for the Earth.” It is evil to think that history is to end with a return to Zion, a classless society, or the Islamicization of all living infidels. Your history does not belong to me. We live together in a common history.

-James Carse
Finite & Infinite Games

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