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Upcoming Events. Questions for the Audience.

Quick updates:

  • Will be speaking next week at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business, with food provided by Zacharys Chicago Pizza. Technically, it's for MBAs only, but if you're in the area and dying for a taste of some awesome deep-dish pizza ... I can sneak a few people in. Heh.

  • Speaking of guestlists, we are fast approaching the maximum headcount for the Wine-Tasting Dinner Event on May 25th in Redwood City; if you haven't received an evite for whatever reason and wish to attend, call/email me so I can make sure you get on the list. Once we get 20 RSVPs over the restaurant's official seating-capacity, the guestlist is closed.

  • The evening of the Bikini Fashion Show in SF had its predictible aftermath of debauchery and fun. So who wants to join me next time I go clubbing? :)

  • Time-sensitive question: Does anybody reading this have a credit account at Brooks Brothers? They are willing to knock an additional US$200 off a suit I am looking to acquire during a one-week promotion (ending this Sunday) but I do not wish to add yet another line of credit just to cancel it after that one purchase.

    Willing to give you cash in hand for the price of the outfit. If you have questions, email me.

Now ... I'll need to plug in my headset to a conference call to NYC en route to the office.

More soon.
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