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Clubbing. Bikini Fashion Show. Daniel Puder.

Friday evening, Daniel Puder called me to go over a few business projects we are working on jointly, and invited me to join him as some of his 'Puder Knockout Girls' at Club NV, where they were showcasing a bikini fashion show at midnight.

Those of you who know me can guess how long I took to consider my response to such an offer. Ha.

Had an absolute blast in the company of Daniel and his friends ... a peculiar mix of MMA fighters, bikini models and gay fashion designers. After an evening of dancing, sleight-of-hand magic, and four cans of redbulls, I left the club to witness a confrontation between four SFPD cops and a few thuggish looking guys in the parking lot around 2:30 am. Grabbed a quiet shot with the telephoto lens, and promptly headed south.

As I write this, it is breakfast hour ... I am at the restaurant of a fancy hotel in Silicon Valley, finshing off a fourth veggie egg-white omlette while updating the journal through their free wireless.

Life doesn't get much better than this.

Robin & Some Dork
It's amazing how I can look drunk off my ass without a drop of drinking. "Honest, officer! I only had redbulls and tonic water all night!"
Theresa Theresa
ikilled007, you are right. Latinas = teh hotness.
Stacey Stacey
... though Stacey gives 'em a run for the money.
Robin, Act Deux Robyn, Act Deux
Soda & Lime, that's all I had last evening, I swear ...
Amy & Robin Amy & Robyn
Great seeing the two of you up here ... here's to a safe trip home!
Her name escapes me ... Her name escapes me ...
... not that you care.
Kittens, prepare to die. Kittens, prepare to die.
"What is the sound of one hand fapping?"
Theresa, vamping with her rockin' bikini. Theresa, vamping with her rockin' bikini.
Backoff. This is Puder's girl.
Awwwww! Awwwww!
Popo Five-Oh
SFPD cops draw guns outside the club and arrest some dude for god-knows what. But checkit, they ran past some black guys and cuffed the Asian person.

Affirmative-action in the criminal-justice system?


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