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Set in a parallel universe, Alan Moore's grim and brilliant Watchmen remains one of finest examples on the power of graphic novels to tell compelling stories far beyond what most would expect from a "comic book." Though filled with detailed character development and fantastically complex sub-plots, one of Watchmen's most memorable moment was the amusing exchange between news editor Hector Godfrey and his dim-witted flunky, Seymour.

(at the office of NYC weekly news magazine New Frontiersman)

Hector: You have two more pages to fill before you eat. Go get some filler somewhere.

Seymour: Uhh ... Robert Redford says he's going to run for President in '88. We could do a piece on -

Hector: Seymour. We do not dignify absurdities with coverage! This is still America, God damn it! Who the hell wants a cowboy actor in the White House?!
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