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Geek Dinner in San Mateo. Question for Audience.

Bay Area residents ... in cooperation with Hugh Macleod, I will be hosting a Geek Dinner in the San Mateo area (midpoint between San Francisco and Silicon Valley) on the evening of May 25th, 2006 entitled Build Meaningful Meatspace Conversations Through Blogging. In attendence will be our very own brad, Techcrunch creator/editor Michael Arrington, LicketyShip CEO Robert Pazornik and other awesome guests.

Sponsored by Stormhoek Wines.

We'll be raffling signed copies of Keith Ferrazzi's Never Eat Alone as well as other other fun prizes ... should be a blast.

Question for the audience: I'm not as familiar with the San Mateo dining scene as I'd like. I have a short-list of potential restaurants I'm going to visit and check out, but those of you know the area, would you mind sharing with me some of your favorites so I have a broad range of locales to scope out? At a minimum, they must be able to comfortably seat 40+. My preference is a chef-owned restaurant (not a fan of corporate chains) that has a flexible attitude about corkage fees, since we will be bringing our own wine.

Please respond below, or send me an email.

Poll #681196 Geek Dinner, May 25th 2006

Wine-Tasting Dinner in San Mateo. You in?

Yes. Send me the Evite please.
Maybe. Tell me more.

Your restaurant recommendations in the San Mateo area.

Would you like this to be a monthly event?


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