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Rumor Has It

Some of you know that last year I was cast as an extra in a Chinatown scene of a Jennifer Aniston movie then-called 'Otherwise Engaged,' which has since been renamed to Rumor Has It.

The trailer looks worse than I could have imagined ...

Synopsis: Aniston's character discovers that her family may be the inspiration for the movie 'The Graduate' and tracks down the man her grandmother seduced (and boffed her mom). What happens when she finally meets him is pretty self-evident.

Actual lines from the trailer between Aniston and Mena Suvari (who plays her sister):


I'm the most messed-up person in the world!!

Well, did you sleep with a man who also slept with mom and grandma Catherine?

You slept with dad? Dad slept with grandma Catherine?! Eww!


Uhm. Yeah.

Although I am very curious as to whether or not my scene made it to the final cut, there is no way I can survive sitting in the theater for two hours without clawing my eyes out. I kind of like my eyes, and I know there are readers who will end up watching this on big screen so if you can do me a favor and let me know, I'd be much obliged. My scene would be an evening in Chinatown; my wife/girlfriend and I are holding hands walking across the street in front of Kevin Costner and Jennifer Aniston.

Will you be watching Rumor Has It?

Hells no.
I am a guy and my girlfriend insists I go with her. I have no spine or will of my own.
I am a girl and am forcing my guy to watch this with me to prove his devotion to me.
I am a girl and will be watching it with my friends.
I am a guy and will be watching it with my female friends, then going back home to bake some fabulous pies and gossip about which actress is getting fat.

PS: In Bad Movie-related blog posts: My friend Gen Kanai made an excellent post for anyone thinking about seeing McGeisha.
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