ezekiel's chariot - 張敦楷 (pjammer) wrote,
ezekiel's chariot - 張敦楷

Are You Ready for Some FOOTBALL?

Thanks to a generous client, I have two tickets to this Sunday's 49ers football game vs Arizona Cardinals in a private suite. I'd like to give away the second ticket to a local football fan ... and turn this into an opportunity to do something good.

Some of you know I've been a long-time supporter of the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, a California nonprofit that takes in animals slated for euthanization at pounds, and trains them to become FEMA-certified search-and-rescue dogs (which are then donated to fire departments around the country). Every dog NDSDF trains (that would have otherwise been killed off as an unwanted animal at some pound) will spend the rest of its natural life busting its hump to save human lives.


All I ask is a tax-deductible cheque written out to the Search Dog Foundation (a 501c registered nonprofit, ID# 77-041250). Bidding starts at $100 and closes at noon tomorrow. Leave a comment here or email me for details. Photos will, of course, be forthcoming after Sunday.

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