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The Traveler. Lazyweb.

Visit to Nevada was fun and relaxing, with days spent in South Lake Tahoe and the weekend seeing old friends in Reno, NV.

Crossed the desolate beauty of Genoa and missed a chance to attend the Reno Gun Show on account of work meetings ... hopefully next time we will head out to the Mustang Range for some 50-caliber therapy. Boom.

Recently finished reading The Traveler ... a conspiracy/anti-authoritarian novel set in a near-future (or modern?) world of constant government surveillance, where the hand of history is guided by a shadow organization called The Tabula and opposed for millenia by a now-dying clan of Harlequin protectors. The novel gained much hype in the publishing world because of the author, whose one-line bio simply reads: John Twelve Hawks lives off The Grid, prompting speculation about his identity and whereabouts.

According to this SF Gate review, The Traveler has spawned "Web sites are up relating to various components of the story. A bogus online blog has been concocted for Maya. Clues have been scattered throughout the digital ether." but fails to provide links to said any of the things mentioned.

Lazyweb question: any idea what is the URL of the Maya blog, or 'clues in the ether' references in the article? I'm quite taken with the story and world created by Mr. Twelve Hawks (few logical flaws in the novel notwithstanding) and would be very interested in hearing from other fans who've enjoyed the novel.

Lazyweb question 2: good friend of mine is travelling in Beijing - anyone had good experience ordering tailored suits/shirts in the city, please drop a comment or send me an email.

Laptop is still in repairs, so internet access is sporadic (the horror, the horror!) ... apologies in advance for delayed correspondence. :P

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