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Wedding in Treasure Island - Monica & Erich

Attended the wedding of Monica Barnhart and Erich Nachbar past Saturday, and met up with some familiar faces (including Christine "Quattrogirl" Scholl) and some great new people.

First met Monica three years ago at a party thrown by Jacques Teisen. In was in an offline conversation with the Best Man that I discovered an amusing story I had a part of, but no recollection.

So it turns out Erich met Monica at that same party, and was interested in talking with her alone, but at the time she and I were already engaged in animated chatter over the fact that we both attended UCSD ... so Erich sent his brother to pry me off Monica so he would be free to bring his mack on the girl. Having no romantic designs on her, I was utterly oblivious to all the machinations behind that exchange.

"Hey, I remember you!" Erich's brother exclaimed when I walked outside the reception hall to "nicotine alley" where all the smokers congregated in exile. I replied that I didn't recognize him, so he explained the entire back story to how he distracted me from Monica on his brother's request. Heh.

Am travelling right now, so email updates will be sporadic - will be having dinner with Ian Ybarra in 30 minutes.

In the meantime ... pictures from the wedding!


I usually don't like 'em this young

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